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Still Life


I'm currently preparing a set of prints for sale thru Imagekind, which I'm planning to have published on this site with links to the print order site, within the next week or so.

The images are from Video footage I took in the early-mid 1990's around Melbourne and are being enhanced with video colour processing. I used this camera (pic below) mostly, a Panasonic MS1, SuperVHS, seen here below retired to my Nicholas Building display case  2005 - With dust and grunge on the case glass which I should of cleaned off before taking the pic :-) I've removed the camera shell to show the tape transport mechanism.

They are still frames, which is kinda odd, seeing as video essentially captures motion. Normally you'd use a stills camera to take still photos.

Much of my artwork is time based, the 4th dimension. There's the usual 3D Height, Width and Depth, then you add Time to gain the 4th dimension. Music for instance is time based, you hear it over time, performance and movies are time based, they are intended to be experienced over time, minutes to hours.

Painting, sculpture and photography, isn't time based, it's still. For them to engage you for more than a passing moment they need to contain enough substance to warrant spending more time looking at them. More detail or depth of meaning or some emotional engagement.

UPDATE. First set now released. URBAN (blog link below)